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A Star Is Born

The Showdown Quiz made its stage debut way back in 2006, serving as the fantastic finale to the award-winning treasure hunts of our sister company – Live The City.

It soon became obvious that The Showdown Quiz was a star in its own right and before we knew it, we were on tour, delivering unbeatable quiz events to audiences all over the world.

The Showdown Quiz really is one in a million. The brain child and creation of our marvellous technical team, with simple to use design and ingenious software features, it’s the very best system on the market.

You won’t find our wonderful system anywhere else but we’d love to share it with you for a while!

The Team

Meet Our Lovely People
  • Melody

    Melody heads up the team at Showdown Quiz Events.  Aptly named by optimistic parents, in her spare time, she follows in her musical family’s footsteps as lead singer in a band. She’s also a bit of a closet luvvie and after a glass or two of wine will demonstrate her best ‘jazz hands’ on demand.

    Specialist Subjects:  History and Art & Lit.

  • Paul

    Our resident technical wizard, Paul is the man who can when it comes to anything with buttons and wires.  Put simply, he makes everything work!  In his spare time, you’ll find him being equally impressive in building his own house – Grand Designs eat your heart out!

    Specialist Subjects:  Music and Geography

  • Robin

    Our host with the most!  Heading up our team of fabulous quiz hosts, Robin puts the ‘show’ into The Showdown.  Having spent most of his life in showbiz, first as an amateur magician (don’t ask!) and much more convincingly as a musician, he really knows how to entertain a crowd.

    Specialist Subjects:  Film and Music

  • Matthew

    Our chief quiz question compiler, Matthew spends his days (and nights!) coming up with brain-teasing questions to put your teams through their paces.

    Specialist Subjects:  Sport and Science

  • Nicola

    ‘Trained actress, tour guide and presenter. This girl is never one to sit still! Keen runner and gym goer (due to a ridiculous sweet tooth) Nicola is an adventurer who loves all things action and is sure to rev up the quiz teams!’

    Specialist Subjects: Film and History

  • Fi

    Fi is our numbers whizz and generally keeps the team on the straight and narrow.  She’s also a fantastic addition to our events team and you’ll often find her keeping the crowds under control on quiz nights.

    Specialist Subjects:  Geography and Film

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